Friday, February 13, 2009

[Future Perfect] Languages

Just posting this now so I do not lose the document later. I have what are pretty much the most common languages; not much more will be needed unless someone builds a character tied to a very specific world point or is making an Archeologist type Academic. Among these nine languages are the few that are available as Native Languages for new characters.


Standard – Short for Imperial Standard, it is the basic language for most regions of known space. All territories formerly or currently controlled by the Empire/Regency have this as an official language. Most regions outside those territories have a sizable percentage of the population that speak it, at least where tourists and travelers would tend to go. Characters hailing from the Regency, the Alliance, the Coalition, and the Corporate Interzone are almost certain to have Standard as their native language. Characters from the Freespace are quite likely to, as well. Well educated characters from the Frontier space may also know Standard as their native tongue.

IO – A play on both Input/Output and the one/zero of binary code, IO is essentially the latter, converted into blips of sound or flashes of light. Used primarily by un-networked robots and for communicating with robots lacking vocal components. It is also an incredibly easy language to mask during transmissions of other languages or data, since any fluctuating quantity may be used to express a communication in IO. All robots start with IO as their Native Language.

Jargon – A mishmash of other languages evolved into its own tongue, Jargon is most commonly spoken within the unclaimed territories of the Frontier. Characters from that region are quite likely to know Jargon as their Native language.

Gujar – The common language spoken by citizens of the Collective. Characters hailing from that region should know Gujar as their native language.

Kokoran – The common name for the dominant language in the Kokoran Union, its more properly called Niheigo by native speakers. Most people from the Kokoran Union know this language as their native tongue.

Ranti – A fairly common language used by older families in the merchant (pirate) clans of the space lanes, one can often find speakers of Ranti in the Freespace or on periphery of any system abutting the Freespace along the Gate Networks. If a character from the Freespace does not speak Standard as their native tongue, odds are good that they grew up speaking Ranti.

Farsign – A fairly common visual sign language originally developed for use in military operations which found widespread adoption for use by persons with uncorrected hearing loss (and those for whom silence was their vocation). Farsign is not an option for a Native Language, although a GM may opt to allow it for Characters who were born deaf.

Aroistetch – An old language spoken only by a few very old noble families (the Aroi) in the Regency, it is mostly a language understood by academics interested in History and Archeology.

Angrich – A ancient language among the Kokorans, spoken only by a few surviving members of the “untouchable” caste. It has some vague similarities to Aroistetch, a matter that has drawn the attention of more than one Regency linguist in the past few years.

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