Saturday, September 21, 2013

[Savage Fantasy] Character Sheet

None of us in my play group are particularly happy with the official SWD character sheet, so I decided to make one up myself.  Right now, I only have page one completed; page two is about half done, but I wanted page 1 available for this afternoon's game session.  It's a heavily stylized sheet designed for fantasy games and I tried to keep it as generic as possible.  I left skills blank so I wouldn't need to deal with house ruled skill additions or omissions, and I've taken ammo tracking off the sheet.  The latter was kind of a cool feature when playing Deadlands, but seems wasted for most other games.  The second page will have space for equipment, powers, character notes, and more.
The image is supposed to be a JPG at 8.5"x11" and 300 DPI, but Blogger is reducing the image size.  I'll try fixing it and possibly reposting it over on Google+.  I have a PDF available, but I opted not to post it since the file is 10x the size of the JPG.