Quite a few characters have been built on these pages, so it was about time that they were collected on to one page for easy accessibility. Some are campaign specific and others are as generic as can be, though I hope all of them may be of some use to someone, somewhere.

Paradys RathburnArlin GreyrunesGardiff the LostGalloranHutchinsLeslie, Naughty NecromancerErnakz the Round, Goblin Warlord

Drunk Tank MarkowskiOfficer Jack O'Brian

Anya BelikovCassius CarlinThe Red Death

Rico SalazarPunter EisenbrauBig Bad Billy TaylorGerry Dee TaylorDr Lyra BannonSalvatore BertucciJohn HarknessHotshot Pilot Template

Necessary Evil - The Curse