Friday, September 23, 2016

[Hellhole Number 3] - All Wrapped Up

We played several more months in the world of Hellhole Number 3, including a trek north up to Basin City and Stone's Falls, and finally into the Green Zone.  Along the way many mysteries were understood, and enemies became allies as the war they all fought became clearer and clearer.

There's little point in summing up another six months of game play, but I've got quite a few pics to post from the final arcs of the Hellhole.

 Mutated horrors in the Green Zone

 Uh oh! A second one.  Good thing Ike was scouting!

 Oh crap! They spit! Wasn't expecting a ranged attack.

At the heart of the Green Zone was the wreckage of the ISS Catamaran, source of Project Flower garden.  Robots from NoMans Land were trying to recover the data.

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