Monday, September 26, 2016

[Deadlands] - It Has Begun!

And so it has begun!

Made characters for our next Savage Worlds campaign, Deadlands: Reloaded.  It's an interesting group, very unlike any other posse I've played with or run.

We've got:

  • A grizzled bounty hunter who prefers to catch his bounty at the end of a rifle.  He's been around the weird west, having both the True Grit and Veteran of the Weird West edges.
  • A former slave freed and brought to Europe by a religious sect, then returned to the Americas to hunt down evil and recover a sacred relic. He's a Blessed with the Champion edge.
  • A native scout and tracker trying to find some balance between the world of his people and that of the white man. He is, though, gifted with sarcasm as well as skill.
  • A wandering Huckster from a tainted bloodline who hopes to escape some of his family's bloody drama.

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