Tuesday, July 20, 2010

[Future Perfect] Rico Salazar

Over the next few posts, I will be presenting several characters who form a cell of Greyjacket insurgents in the world of Future Perfect. Each character will be presented as a playable build using the normal experience point system (as opposed to my custom XP system) and general rules expansions from the Future Perfect setting. These additions include rules for Contacts, Cultural Templates, the Turning Points Background Generation system, and the rules for Reputations. In some cases, additional rules for Bioaugmentations and variant Gene Templates are used as well.

In total, there will be five characters, a fairly standard size for a Greyjacket Cell, who form the cell known as "Rascal's Reavers". Along with the characters, I'll be posting the design for their customized starship.
  • Captain/Social Expert - Rosco "Rascal" Marinn
  • Firearms Expert - Rico Salazar
  • Melee Expert - Gerry Dee Taylor
  • Ace Pilot - Billy "Badgirl" Taylor
  • Engineer/Demolitions - Punter Eisenbrau
  • Ship - The Jagged Thorn (Custom Ogre-class Freightrunner)
So you'll probably want to go back and skim my previous post so you'll know a little bit about the Greyjackets as an organization.

First up is Rico Salazar, a firearm's expert who grew up on the streets. His resourcefulness and tenacity earned Rico some odd jobs with the Icon Syndicate before he "got out" by joining the Coalition Defense Forces. He served a tour as a field medic and mustered out with honor and a solid understanding of how bad things really were for the Coalition government. He understood some of the hard choices his government had to make in the hope of securing its own future... and he saw clearly how it was the Alliance's machinations that had lead his people to their current, sorry state of affairs. Not wanting to remain with CDF and be stuck on duty on some rickety space station, Rico wanted to do something that mattered.

Traveling into Alliance space, he disappeared among some of the local Scavengers. For over a year he waged a private battle with the security forces of Matterhorn station, doing whatever he could to tie up gate travel. The Alliance is most easily wounded by striking its purse strings, and Rico hoped that enough travelers would find the Gateway at Matterhorn to be inconvenient enough to warrant other arrangements -- possibly through Coalition controlled Gateways. Rico's efforts did not go unnoticed. Even as he ultimately found himself captured and awaiting trial, the Greyjacket's made him an offer. Rico signed on, and with their help, he disappeared... But he still remembers to send Matterhorn's Security Chief a birthday card every year.

Name: Rico Salazar
Gender: Male
Occupation: Greyjacket Gunman
Genetic Package: Human
Cultual Package: Criminal
Rank: Seasoned [25XP]

Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d8 (d6), Vigor d8

Biothreshold: 6 (6)
Charisma: 0
Pace: 6'+1d6"
Parry: 6
Toughness: 10 (4)

Loyal (M), Wanted (M; For some fairly serious crimes against the Alliance)

Quick, Quickdraw

Climbing d6, Driving d6, Fighting d8, Gunnery d6, Knowledge (Home Region) d4, Medical d8, Notice d6, Persuasion d6, Shooting d10, Stealth d8, Survival d6


  • (7) Sgt Lars Henderson, Coalition Defense Forces (Retired): Availability +2; Capability d8/+3 (Field Medic, Veteran Soldier); Influence +1 (Coalition Defense Forces).
  • (1) Joey Bitters, Scavenger Kid: Availability +0; Capability d4/+1 (Scrounging); Influence +0
Turning Points:
  • (1) Freelancing: Worked for the Icon Syndicate assisting in the "transport" of people, whether they liked it or not. Performed his job excellently, completing his assignments within specified parameters. Gains +1 Reputation [Icon Syndicate].
  • (2) Professional Mentor: Sgt Lars Henderson (Retired), Field Medic; Learned quite a bit about battlefield medicine and wound care under his tutelege. Gains mentor as a contact (starts at 1d6/+2 Capability).
  • (3) Made an Enemy: An authority figure, after causing them to lose face publicly. Enemy will attack if given the opportunity. Enemy is the Chief of Security at Matterhorn Station in the Alliance.
  • Alliance -1
  • Icon Syndicate +2
  • Greyjackets +2
  • Biopolymer Muscle Enhancement
  • Iplugs
  • Targeting System
  • Reinforced Armored Jacket with Armored Inserts (Armor +4)
  • Tactical Helmet with HUD (Motion Sensor/Target Display/Thermographics/Flash Suppression)
  • Imperial Armories Modular Assault Weapon (MAW; Shared Ammo Source):
  • - Assault Blaster: 3d6 AP2, +1 Acc, 30/60/120, RoF 5, Shots 100
    - Flamer: 2d10 Fire, Cone, No Range, RoF 1, Shots 25 (4 Energy per use)
    - Energy Grenade: 2d8, +1 Acc, MBT, 20/40/80, RoF 1, Shots 25 (4 Energy per use)
  • Ragnarok Arms "Bolt" Heavy Plasma Pistol: 3d8+3 AP2, 15/30/60, RoF1, 15 Shots, STR Min d8
  • (4) Light Power Cells

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