Tuesday, July 20, 2010

[Future Perfect] Punter Eisenbrau

Punter grew up in the mining camps of Arcturus Heavy Industries. Throughout his youth, he and his father moved constantly, going from one mining outfit to the next, from Rakhan Secundus in the Coalition and as far out as the Coronian Asteroid Mines in Regency space. He helped out where he could, first hauling debris and equipment for the adults, and eventually, with preparing and setting explosive charges for breaking less cooperative environments. While Punter loved the travel, he saw how life in the labor camps had destroyed his family. Eventually, he said goodbye to his father and hitched a ride on a freighter.

He worked for his passage from one backwater to the next, mixing with all sorts of folks. His open, candid nature at first made him seem like an easy mark to members of the merchant clans, but in short order his willingness to work hard and earnest desire to learn all about their own travels won them over. He worked alongside clanners and freespacers alike, loving the travel and seeing what the universe really had to offer. Punter helped out where he could and saw first hand how many Faction governments oppress the merchant clans, especially the Regency and the Alliance, who despite their on again off again wars never seemed to miss an opportunity to chase down scavengers, and especially those from the clans, for no reason at all. He built a small scavenging vessel from an old shuttlecraft and rode along with the caravan fleets of junk scavs and pirates.

In time, Punter returned to more civilized regions. In his travels he'd earned membership in a trade guild of Freighthaulers -- making it easier to book passage anywhere. To his surprise, he was offered a job at Nexus Gate Station running a repair shop for their ships. Things worked out well for him, though many of his clanner friends took advantage of his candid nature, and snagged information about non-guild (generally Alliance-owned) freighters passing through the area. Punter caught on pretty quickly, but since the guild didn't care about non-members, he was happy to jab at the Alliance with the proverbial stick.

The urge to move on eventually overtook Punter once more. When he found a ragtag bunch of miscreants who needed some emergency repairs to their custom ship, he left with them. Now, three years later, Punter Eisenbrau is still flying through the void on that same ship.

Name: Punter Eisenbrau

Gender: Male
Occupation: Engineer/Demolitions Expert
Genetic Package: Human
Cultual Package: Labor
Rank: Seasoned [25XP]

Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d10, Vigor d8

Biothreshold: 6 (3)
Charisma: 0
Pace: 6'+1d6"
Parry: 5 (4)
Toughness: 11 (4)

  • Curious (M)
  • Quirk (m; Wanderlust)
  • Lyin' Eyes (m)
Brawny, McGuyver

Drive d6, Fighting d6, Gunnery d6, Knowledge (Demolitions) d8, Knowledge (Engineering) d6, Knowledge (Mining) d4, Language (Imperial Standard; Native), Language (Ranti), Notice d8, Pilot d6, Repair d10, Survival d6, Throw d6

  • (4) Peri Skyforger (Clan Scavenger): Availability +0; Capability d8/+3 (Scavenger); Influence +1 (Pirate Clans)
  • (5) Sixty-One Tommy Oroshi "61to" (Kokoran Hacker): Availablity +1; Capability d8/+3 (Hacker), Influence +1 (Dome 61)
  • (4) Esteban Ruiz (Mining Camp Foreman): Availability +0; Capability d8/+3 (Mining Gear); Influence +1 (Arcturus Heavy Industries)
  • (1) "Stanker" (Blue Diamond Clan): Availability +0; Capability d4/+1 (Information); Influence +0
Turning Points:
  1. Traveler: Extensive travel among the various backwaters lead to some friendships made with people among the Merchant Clans. Learned Ranti, Gained +2 COntacts.
  2. Meeting All Kinds of People: Continued traveling among the Merchant Clans, jumping ship to ship and marveling at their adaptability. Gained +4 Contacts and a +1 Reputation among the Pirate Clans.
  3. Steady Work: Returned to Planet Dust and got a job with a Freight Hauler's Trade Guild running their repair shop on Nexus Gate. Finally left because he wanted to resume traveling. Left on good terms (+1 Reputation with Trade Guild), with some savings (350cr), and reputation for adaptability and quick thinking.
  • Alliance (-1)
  • Merchant (Pirate) Clans (+2)
  • Freighthaulers Union (Trade Guild) (+1)
  • Lowlight Vision Treatment (AV1)
  • Digestive Dietary Enzymes (AV2)
  • Toolkit
  • Demolitions Kit
  • Small Scavenger Tug (See Below)
  • (12) Assorted Grenades
  • Heavy 2H Wrench (Treat as Maul; Damage 1d10+1d8, AP2 versus Hard (Rigid) Armor, -1 Parry, 2H)
  • Heavy Armored Jacket with Inserts (Armor 4)

Light Scavenger Tug (Modified Gremlin Shuttle)

Manufacture: StarJourney Transportation, Modified
Size: Small
Power: 14
Acc: 180 Top: 1200 Handling: +1
FTL: Gate Beacon
Crew: 1 Hull: 16 (4) [Armor 4]

Ship Systems:
  • Basic Computer with Autopilot, Library (General Knowledge), Pattern Recognition
  • Starship
  • Atmospheric
  • Gate Beacon
  • Cargo Hold (1 Space)
  • Tractor Beam (Small; 2 Spaces)


Sitting Duck said...

An observation. From the character descrpition, it would seem that the Big Mouth Hindrance is more appropriate than Lying Eyes.

Slaine said...

Indeed, I can see how the writeup might seem that way (especially when mentioning his time spent at Nexus). However, there are two things to consider. First, I refer to his candid nature to indicate that he tends to be very honest and forthright and not that he's some chatty-cathy who blabs about everything. Secondly, no one with Big Mouth would survive long among the Greyjackets -- they'd have shot him themselves.