Monday, August 23, 2010

[Future Perfect] Gerry Dee Taylor

Gerry Dee Taylor is the little sister of "Big Bad" Billy Taylor, and Billy is the really the only "parental" figure Gerry Dee has ever known. Her earliest memory is of her parent's being murdered by Alliance Soldiers, of her total helplessness as she stood paralyzed, watching as they were gunned down and blown apart.

Gerry Dee grew up systematically excising any weaknesses in herself , fighting anyone and anything who got in her way. Her sister often had to move from job to job, location to location, because of Gerry Dee's troubles. When she was ten she brutally stabbed a food vendor and instead of having her sister bail her out, she ran away and disappeared. But she hadn't gone unnoticed...

A man by the name of Elijah Krane found her, took her under his wing, and even contacted sister Billy to gain her family's consent. Krane offered to teach Gerry how to be strong, to focus her rage and natural talents toward a new path -- that of an assassin. Though sister Billy was told only that he had agreed to educate her and keep her out of trouble, in truth Gerry Dee was learning how to find information, mark targets, and execute the flawless kill. She was a natural, and within a year had hunted down the Alliance Soldiers responsible for her parents deaths. Nearly four years she worked for Krane, paid to kill and guided in her training in stealth and the arts of murder, until Krane disappeared.

Unfortunately, there were a few issues Gerry Dee never quite got past -- chief among them was her reluctance to use a blaster, the weapon that killed her parent. Without Krane's guidance, Gerry Dee started getting sloppy, taking bad jobs, and making serious mistakes. One such job got her shot and taken captive on Matterhorn Station. If not for her sister Billy rescuing her, Gerry would have been executed.

For over two years now, she has been reunited with her sister, at first traveling the wildspaces of the Freespace. And more recently, working with the Greyjackets -- a job she really enjoys. It has returned to her a sense of focus she'd been lacking since her time with Elijah Krane. Gerry Dee is loyal to her family and closest friends, and has killed people many times to keep them safe. Unfortunately, the girl also suffers from nightmares when she sleeps, replaying over and over the death of her parents and fears for her sister's life. The nightmares have only grown more in intensity the more bioenhancements Gerry has attempted to integrate into her body.

Recently, Krane has made contact with her, but Gerry Dee is torn between her work with the Greyjackets and continuing her training with her Mentor.

: Gerry Dee Taylor (WC)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Psychotic Teenaged Assassin
Genetic Package: Human
Cultural Package: Spacer
Rank: Seasoned [25XP]

Agility d10(+1), Smarts d6, Spirit d4, Strength d6, Vigor d6

Biothreshold: 4(6!)
Charisma: 0/-4
Pace: 6'+1d6"
Parry: 7 (An additional +1 when actively Defensive)
Toughness: 8 (3 Armor)

Bloodthirsty (M)
Night Terrors (M)
Loyal (M)

First Strike
Martial Arts
Combat Reflexes

Fighting d10(+1), Gunnery d4(+1), Notice d6, Intimidate d4, Investigation d6, Knowledge (Harbinger Gate) d4, Languages (Imperial Standard (N), Gujar, Ranti), Stealth d10(+1), Streetwise d6, Throw d6(+1), Zero-G Manuever d8(+1)

(6) Elijah Krane (Teacher, Assassin): Availability +1, Capability d10/+4 (Master Assassin), Influence +1 (Hand of Sarkay)
(2) Absalom MacIntyre (Identity Broker): Availability +0, Capability d6/+2 (Forged Documents), Influence +0

Turning Points:
(1) Professional Mentor (Elijah Krane): Investigation d6; +2pt Contact
(2) Steady Work (Assassinations for Mr. Krane): +400Cr; +1 Reputation with Hand of Sarkay
(3) Traveler (Freespace); Picked up Ranti; +2 Contacts

Alliance -1
Hand of Sarkay +2
Icon Syndicate +1
Greyjackets +1

(2) Nano-Repair System
(3) MCS Treatment
(1) Lowlight Optical Treatment

Armored Space Suit with Stealth System (+3 Armor, +4 Stealth)
(2) Polycarbon Glass "Duellists Blades" (1d6+1d4+1 AP2, Parry +1)
(2) Polycarbon Glass Knives (1d6+1d4+1 AP2)
(1) Microfilament Whip (Reach 1, 2d6 AP4, -1 Parry, No Str Modifiers)
Armored Clothing (+2 Armor)
Defensive Barrier (MkII)
Stun Grenades
Flash Grenades
Fake ID Papers

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