Monday, August 30, 2010

[Future Perfect] Vampire Hyper-Cruiser

Designed for Hyperspace Pursuit, the Vampire Cruiser is a mainstay among the Collective's forces.  With advanced torpedo systems and the ability to use its scatter-cannons as a defense against enemy fighters, the Vampire is a deceptively potent warship.  Coupled with its advanced H-Space drives and exterior docking mounts, the true strength of the Vampire is revealed in its ability to outrun a vehicle in H-Space pursuit, and lay waiting in ambush with a full compliment of drones and fighters in support.  Furthermore, no Vampire cruiser is found without several dozen Marines ready for any boarding action.  A decent AI and a basic Deflector Screen system rounds out the Vampire's capabilities.  

Vampire, Collective Hyper-Cruiser
Manufacture: Collective
Size: Huge
Power: 65
Acc: 75 Top: 450 Handling: -2
FTL: Gate Key (1 Space, 1 Power), Collective H-Space Drive (16 Power, 3 Spaces)
Crew: 26 Hull: 55 (30) (Armor 30)

Ship Systems:

  • Repair Facility (4 Spaces)
  • Ship Launch Bay 4 Small or 2 Medium vessels) (8 Spaces)
  • Exterior Docking Clamps (8) (4 Spaces; 1 Power; Small or Medium Only)
  • Sickbay (1 Space)
  • Marines (4 Spaces; 40 Marines)
  • Enhanced Crew Facilities
  • Cargo Bays (2 Bays; 3 Spaces each)
  • Starship
  • Atmospheric
  • Computer with Basic AI (d6 Smarts, Power 8, Spaces 8): Piloting d6, Shooting d6, Knowledge (Astrogation) d6, Repair d6, Stealth d6, Notice d6, Library Data (Common Knowledge; d6), Autopilot, Target Acquisition and Control, Fire Control, and Pattern Recognition
  • MKI Deflector Screen (-1; 4 Spaces, 4 Power)


  • (2) Heavy Duo-Scatter Cannons (Array; 3 Spaces, 4 Power): 80/16/320; 5d10 AP6; Small Burst Template; RoF1
  • (4) Predator Medium Torpedo [1 Space each ; 1 Power to Fire any number of torpedoes]: 300/600/1200; Tracking (Range 4800); Speed 1200; 5d10 AP50; Medium Burst
  • (12) Added Torpedoes (2 Spaces)
  • (2) Advanced AMCM Systems (Side Mounts) [1 Space each; 2 Power each]

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