Thursday, December 24, 2009

[Future Perfect] Character Background Paths I

Inspired by the old Lifepath tables from several games by R Talsorian (most notably Cyberpunk 2020), I decided to add my own variant of Lifepath into Future Perfect. This table is Part One of the Character Background Paths, showing the general background of a character.

The table will allow a basic framework picture of a character's background to be built, indicating what region of space he calls home, whereabout he grew up, what his family did, what he wears, his general attitude and outlook, etc. In short, there is enough information to give a player some idea of who his character is and with a little more thinking on the matter, where he might be going.

Part Two will go into detailing specific events that were turning points in the character's life.

Anyway, here is a JPG image of Part 1, because blogspot wont let me post PDFs.

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