Saturday, August 17, 2013

Savage Fantasy Game Pics

Had another session of our Savage Fantasy game this evening.  I think we had a lot of fun, especially since we got to play a few combats with a variety of terrain effects and levels in this session.  Bloated frog-men were setting ambushes and swimming to and from different pools of water, while the heroes themselves were attempting to draw attacks to toward the party's "tank" and looking for high ground and clean lines of fire for ranged attacks. Of course, everything went to hell when the tank decided to leap into the water after a trio of these frog-men, only to find three more waiting for him and ready to pull him into the depths.  

"I'm jumping in!" became the buzz phrase of the night.  

After he nearly drown, the rest of the heroes and he manage to fight off waves of these foul beasts.  The climax was finding the matron of these creatures -- a massively corpulent female laying clutches of eggs -- and their shaman leader -- a heavily scarred male who, alongside his bodyguards, chased back the heroes and nearly killed them.  Fortunately, the PCs rallied and though bloodied and battered won the day.  

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