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[Future Perfect] Arashi Sinclair, Ace Pilot

The daughter of a Kokoran expatriate who died young and a Corporate Freightrunner for Ragnarok Arms, Arashi grew up as just another clever Zone-rat. Very quickly, she fell in with some of the local zone gangs -- clusters of disaffected youth who often did little more than fight among themselves. In and out of lockdown for vehicle theft, she was on a first name basis with many of the Corpsec forces. When she was only 16, Arashi's life changed radically. Having stolen a Corpsec assault shuttle for a joyride, She responded when a general distress call went out from a Ragnarok Arms Freighter being pursued by a dozen unidentified fighter craft and a larger Perseus-class gunship of Alliance design. A sudden realization struck her -- it was her father's ship that was in danger. Running half on instinct and half on adrenaline, she rushed out to defend the beleaguered freighter. She took out three fighter craft on her own before missiles knocked out her maneuvering thrusters and targeting systems. Two more ships had missile locks, and she knew she was a dead woman. Resolving to die a death that mattered, she kicked her shuttle into full acceleration on a dead run for the Perseus-class vessel that had linked to her father's freighter in an attempted boarding. There was flash of light and a moment of jarring agony when he shuttle collided with the command compartment of the gunship.

She awoke six months later in a hospital bed. She had sustained extensive damage to one of her arms, but her medical care was limited due to her being under Corpsec custody. At first the Medics would tell her nothing, at least until a corporate suit flanked by two Corpsec officers arrived. She learned that her father had died in the attack, and that there were charges pending against her for the theft and misuse of Corpsec property. However, a Corporate recruiter offered her an alternative. He represented Ragnarok Arms, who had been impressed by not only the young woman’s general aptitude but by her fighting spirit. She was offered a job with Ragnarok’s own security forces which, if she accepted, would cover her medical bills and likely make her legal troubles disappear. Arashi wasted no time accepting the offer, however, she did not want her arm regrown. Instead, she opted for a cybernetic replacement to serve as a constant reminder of the event.

Arashi Sinclair rose through the ranks of Ragnarok’s security teams, training in work as both an investigator and combatant. Indeed, she now is considered one of Ragnarok Arms’ top agents, independent operatives given broad mission parameters and left to accomplish the tasks as they see fit. To this end, she has been known to work with a variety of other people with allegiances different from her own. In addition, she is quite possibly Ragnarok Arms’ top pilot, with the recent “Bully Fighter” designed around what she indicated she would want from her ideal fighter craft. When operating within the Interzone or the Freespace, Arashi often can be found leading several Ragnarok Security Pilots.

Arashi is loyal to Ragnarok Arms because of the training and benefits they’ve provided her over the past ten years, they are her home and family. However, she is neither blindly loyal nor particularly idealistic. She can be cold and cunning, and demands a high level of general acumen from her associates. Arashi also maintains a number of contacts in the Freespace, and has been known to hire herself out for “independent fieldwork” on occasion.

Arashi Sinclair (WC), Ace Pilot
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Born: Freespace
Employment: Ragnarok Arms, Corporate Interzone

Agility d10, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d8

Secondary Characteristics:
Charisma: +4
Pace: 6+1D6"
Parry: 7
Toughness: 8/10 (6 Base, +2 Armor/+4 Armor in Right Arm)

Notice d8, Shooting d10(+2), Piloting d12, Driving d10, Repair d6, Fighting d10, Streetwise d8, Intimidation d6, Taunt d6, Investigation d8, Knowledge (Battle) d6, Knowledge (Politics) d6

Quick, Ace, Attractive, Very Attractive, Bioattunement, Command, First Strike, Level Headed, No Mercy

Arrogant (M), Loyal (m), Vengeful (m)

Regency +0
Kokora +0
Alliance -1
Coalition +0
Collective +0
Interzone +2
Freespace +2
Icon Syndicate -1

  • Cybernetic Arm (d10 Strength, Armor +4)[6]
  • Interface Jacks (May Link Mind to Properly Equipped Machines)[2]
  • Targetting Link (+2 Shooting)[1]
  • Ragnarok Arms "Bolt" Heavy Plasma Pistol (3d8+1, 15/30/60, RoF1, 15 Shots)
  • Light Armored Clothing (Armor +2)
Whatever is Assigned for a Job
Owns a personal RaHF-Bully (Interface Linked)

-[ SUBNET Engaged... ]-

>>[Lyra Bannon, Doctor – Order of Galen]->> I met Ms Sinclair once at a backwater station about 30 clicks out from Dust. She was happily pounding back drinks while an armed conflict tore up the bar around us. I urged her to duck for some cover. She just smiled and said she had the best seat in the house to watch the fight.
>>[Kal Haverdash III, Romanov-Ikura Financial Union]->> On the job, Arashi is the consummate professional. But when she's off work? Well, lets just say she is REALLY off working somewhere else.
>>[Ajax Stone, Sergeant - Greyjackets]->> You referring to the rumors that she's a freebooter in her spare time? I can tell you from experience, there ain't nothing free about her.

-[ SUBNET Disengaged ]-

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