Monday, May 11, 2009

[Future Perfect] Mongoose Medium Fighter

Just about finished with the updated Ship Construction System and I've been building a variety of smaller craft. This is the first of a handful of fighters.

Mongoose, Medium Fighter

Manufacturer: Regency, Imperial Armories
Size: Small [Power 1]
Spaces: 4 Power: 12
Acceleration: 220 Top Speed: 1200 Handling: +1
FTL: None
Crew: 1 [LS Power 1]
Hull: 14 (4)

Ship Systems:
- Basic Computer with Autopilot, Targeting Acquisition/Control System, Pattern Recognition [Power 1]
- Starship
- Atmospheric (Climb: 55)

Imperial Armories Twin Light Pulse Blaster Array (Firelinked, Array)
100/200/400; 3d8 AP6; RoF3 [1 Space; 2 Power]

(2) Micromissile Packs (Firelinked)
200/400/600; 4d6 AP6; Small Burst Template [1 Space per Pack; 1 Power per Pack; 4 Shots per Pack]

Advanced Guidance System (AGS)
+2 to hit with Micromissiles with a successful target lock (1 Space; 1 Power)

The Regency's Mongoose medium fighter is well known for its fast acceleration, and like other Regency Fighters in its class, specializes in controlling regions of the battlefield. Armed with multiple packs of Micromissiles aided by Imperial Armories' advanced missile guidance systems, the Mongoose can lay out an explosive kill zone than makes even gunships hesitate. And the Mongoose is no slouch as a Dogfighter, either -- bearing a pair of Imperial Armories' rapid pulse blasters linked to fire in tandem.

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