Tuesday, May 19, 2009

[Future Perfect] Imperial Light Freighter

ILF-731, Imperial Light Freighter

Manufacture: Generic Old Imperial
Size: Medium
Power: 21
Acc: 180 Top: 950 Handling: +0
FTL: Gate Beacon
Crew: 5 Hull: 25 (10) (Armor 10)

Ship Systems:
  • Cargo Bay (4 Spaces)
  • Medical Bay (1 Space)
  • Starship
  • Atmospheric (Climb: 45)
  • Basic Computer System (Auto Pilot, Target Acquisition/Control, Fire Control, Medical Library, Knowledge [Games])
  • Medium Pulse Cannon (Forward, Turret Mounted)
    100/200/400, 3d8 AP8, RoF2 [2 Spaces, 2 Power]
Once the most common light freighter in service in Imperial space, the highly serviceable 731-Class freighter still makes its rounds through the second-hand shipyards despite no having been made in over 80 years. Popular with smugglers and pirates due to its cheap price and fast acceleration, many individuals reclaim the standard sickbay in favor of additional armament.

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