Sunday, April 18, 2010

[House Rule] Concealability

Taken from the assorted rules I've added into my Future Perfect setting, I decided the Concealability rules were suitably generic and may as well be posted on this blog for public consumption.

They offer a light set of guidelines for implementing bonuses and penalties to opposed Notice/Stealth roles or static Notice rolls or similar skill tests involving spotting a concealed object or weapon. In Future Perfect, a weapon's concealability is listed among its defining attributes, however, on can simply go by the general size of an object just as well to keep things loose.


In many cases, questions of how easy or difficult to conceal a weapon or piece of equipment will arise. In the case of weapons, a concealability rating is assigned to indicate under what conditions a weapon in question may be efficiently concealed. The rating for weapons corresponds generally to size and bulk.

The Concealability Value itself indicates where a weapon may be concealed without penalty versus a casual observer at range (GMs discretion, likely around 12”).

Discerning a properly concealed weapon requires a Raise on a Notice roll at that range. At close range (within 2”), the following modifiers to opposed Notice rolls apply:

  • (-2) Tiny / Palm
  • (+0) Small / Jacket
  • (+2) Medium / Long Coat or Robe
  • (+4) Large / Not Concealable

These modifiers should be applied in addition to other bonuses or penalties that would affect Notice rolls normally. Characters of larger than normal size should reduce the listed numbers by half the large character’s Size value.

Concealability is intended to present a set of general guidelines for GMs and players; the needs of the game and the circumstances of the situation at hand should dictate how or if these rules are even applied.

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