Friday, April 30, 2010

[FUTURE PERFECT] Turning Points & More

I've had the Turning Points background generation system for Future Perfect done for a while, but had no real means to post it. Now, though, I am finally going to offer put it up on the blog. The system itself is simple enough. Characters have three major turning points in their lives prior to the events of the game, and these events are loosely generated by a few rolls on a handful of tables. Why three? It seemed like a good number since the system may give characters a couple of freebies (or smack them around a bit), and I didn't want character to be broken before even being played. Three turning point events can be broken down easily enough; the simplest in my opinion is to have them represent the end of childhood, the end of adolescence, and the characters realization of his own adulthood. Young or Old characters (with the Hindrances to back 'em up) have less or more turning points, respectively.

Not all results are good, though many are, and most of the system is integrated with the Contact Generation system and Reputation system from prior posts, though the latter has been updated slightly over at Obsidian Portal.

I've scrapped an old game site of mine so I can serve links to PDF files (I hope it works), and I've posted the playtest versions of the Future Perfect Background Paths, Contact Record Sheet, and Character Record Sheet in addition to the Turning Point background generation system. Just click the link above the image and it should go right to the PDF document.

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