Saturday, May 15, 2010


I've been updating tons of Future Perfect material over at the Obsidian Portal site, but I wanted to try something new. I remembered some chit chat from a while back involving One-Sheets, you know, those nifty short adventures that generally are playable in a single session but are nonetheless complete unto themselves. That got me thinking about some other comments made by fellow Savages -- One Sheet Settings.

What a novel idea! A whole setting -- a playable setting -- outlined on one, double-sided page. Well... I applaud anyone who can work with such brevity and still produce anything complete, sensible, or possessed of any real value. At one sheet, I'd produced a couple of fair ideas, but it was basically a 1500 word lump of poop. SO... I went on to two sheets. Well, that was a little better, but I'd shrunk my font down so tiny, I was going blind. So I enlarged the font and expanded the text only slightly. And Woot! A two and a half (almost three) sheet setting was born.

And so, I am going to share the fruits of my misadventure with you, the Savage Community at large. What you will see is just a draft copy, one which I think I'll expand to the full three sheets by adding a map and possibly some more player information (regarding the local economy and social strata, I reckon).

Anyway, I present "Clockwork Sunrise", a kind of darkly steam (arguably diesel-)punk microsetting that was influenced very heavily by the movies "9" and "Silent Hill" with a little bit of the old Tribe 8 RPG thrown into the mix.

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Anonymous said...

Has the clockwork sunrise document been moved somewhere as angelfire is showing that file as being permanently removed.