Saturday, June 19, 2010

[Future Perfect] FANG Class Starfighter

FANG is the generic name for any starfighter mounting twin, light rail guns. Most Fangs are made individually or in small numbers by independent parties. A generally underpowered power supply compared to most military craft is not a hindrance due to the low power consumption of Railgun technology, and often affords a hobbyist or weapons engineer a little wiggle room when customizing the vessel. Most commonly, a simple anti missile counter measure system is added, though it is not uncommon to see reinforced hulls or even improved thrusters in stead.

FANG, Starfighter

Manufacture: Generic
Size: Small
Power: 10
Acc: 200 Top: 1200 Handling: +1
FTL: None
Crew: 1 Hull: 10 (4) [Armor 4]

Ship Systems:
  • Computer with Autopilot and Targeting Control System
  • Starship
  • Atmospheric
  • (2) Light Rail Guns [2 Spaces, 1 Power]: 200/400/800; 3d8 AP12; RoF1
  • (1) AMCM (1 Space)

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