Monday, June 21, 2010

[Future Perfect] Silverlight Freighter

Perhaps the most common bulk freighter handling runs between gated systems in Faction space, the Silverlight has dozens of subtle variations. Some faction governments have their own preferred variations, but the most common designs find use among small and large business ventures alike. With a massive cargo capacity and docking capabilities for its own support craft over long hauls, the Silverlight is simply a classic design with exceptional utilitarian value.

Silverlight, Bulk Heavy Freighter

Manufacture: Generic
Size: Huge
Power: 63
Acc: 75 Top: 450 Handling: -2
FTL: Gate Key (1 Space; 1 Power)
Crew: 30 Hull: 55 (30) (Armor 30)

Ship Systems:
  • Cargo Bay (30 Spaces)
  • Repair Facility (2 Spaces)
  • Ship Launch Bay (2 Small or 1 Medium vessels) (4 Spaces)
  • Exterior Docking Clamps (4) (2 Space; 1 Power; Small or Medium Only)
  • Starship
  • Computer with Basic AI (d6 Smarts, Power 8, Spaces 8): Piloting d6, Shooting d6, Knowledge (Games) d6, Knowledge (Astrogation) d6, Repair d6, Library Data (Common Knowledge; d6), Autopilot, Target Acquisition and Control, Fire Control, and Pattern Recognition
  • Enhanced Crew Facilities
  • (2) Heavy Beam Cannons [3 Spaces, 3 Power]: 100/200/400, 4d10 AP10


cybrasty said...

I really enjoy your blog. I have just started a polish Savage Worlds blog and was wondering if I could translate some of your NPCs etc for my blog? I would give you credit and linked your blog stating that you are the author of it.
Please let me know...

Slaine said...

Go for it!