Wednesday, November 03, 2010

[Future Perfect] Mattock-Class Breaker

Designed and redesigned again and again, Arcturus Heavy Industries Mattock is just the newest incarnation of small(er) Breaker Ships deployed to shatter asteroids, take/test core samples, and collect small mineral deposits. Some Mattock’s may even act as a minesweeper to ferret out and destroy any surprises left by hostile merchant Clanners. Mattock-Class starships are intended for long term deployment within a localized area as they lack any advanced FTL capabilities and are often picked up or dropped off by larger transport vessels that pass through a territory. Some Mattock’s have made it to the open market, and a few venders even offer specialized variants. One such variant commonly finds service with paramilitary units, excelling at “Grab and Smash” style assaults by using the Tractor beams in conjunction with its cannons, and replacing one or more cargo holds with an FTL System and Gate Beacon.

Mattock-Class Breaker

Manufacture: Corporate (Arcturus Heavy Industries)
Size: Medium
Power: 25
Acc: 120 Top: 900 Handling: +0
FTL: None
Crew: 5 Hull: 30 (13)

Ship Systems:
  • Starship
  • Atmospheric
  • Basic Computer System (Auto Pilot, Target Acquisition/Control, Fire Control, Pattern Recognition)
  • Science Station (Physical Sciences; 1 Space, 1 Power)
  • Extended Crew Facilities
  • Advanced Scanners (+1 Notice)
  • (2) Cargo Holds (2 Spaces)
  • (2) Medium Tractor Beams (4 Spaces, 6 Power Each]: Medium (3d6), v Small or Medium Only
  • (2) Scatter Cannons [1 Space, 2 Power Each]: 80/160/320; 4d6 AP4; Small Burst Template; RoF1

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