Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[Future Perfect] Martial Arts Rules (v.1b)

Future Perfect uses the Fighting Skill plus a handful of Edges to represent Martial Arts. This system is designed to be simple, yet flexible, and not make issues of styles or particular techniques. The focus is to be kept on the game play itself; since Future Perfect is neither a game of competing martial arts, nor are they a particularly important component of the setting providing too much detail might otherwise distract from more important matters. Instead, the system presented is one that reflects general groups of techniques, illustrating the character’s increased competence with each particular type of fighting.

All characters wishing to use Martial Arts must select the Martial Artist Edge, provided they can meet its minimum requirements:

Martial Artist (Agility d6, Fighting d6):
The character is trained in the nuances of hand to hand fighting and never is considered to be unarmed in combat. Furthermore, such a character leaves little if any openings to be exploited by multiple attackers, so multiple attackers never gain a Gang-Up bonus against this character in hand to hand combat.

Experienced Martial Artists can go on to buy one or more specialty Edges from among the following:

Brawler (Martial Artist, Strength d6):
The character is trained from a variety of experiences and environments, from the streets to back alleys and bar rooms. Brawlers are adaptable, and may use any object, or even their environment, as an improvised weapon without a penalty. Generally, foreign objects and environmental hazards can be considered to provide +1d6 to Damage Rolls. The GM may decide that small or less dangerous objects only add +1d4 to damage; similarly, larger or more dangerous objects may provide +1d8 to damage.

Hardass (Martial Artist, Brawler, Strength d6, Vigor d6, Seasoned; Edge Track):
Against Melee attacks (and only Melee attacks), the character gets +1 to all rolls to avoid being Shaken or Damaged. Additionally, if attempting to demonstrate how tough he is, Intimidation rolls made by this character are at +1 when initiating or involved in a fight.

Striker (Martial Artist, Fighting d8):
From Fists and Fingers to Elbows, Knees and Feet, this character’s body is a well-conditioned weapon designed for beating an opponent senseless. Strikers inflict an additional 1d4 to damage when fighting without a weapon, unless they score a raise on their attack roll, in which case they may add their Fighting Skill die to damage (in addition to the d6 from the raise).

Counterstriker (Martial Artist, Striker, Fighting d10, Seasoned; Edge Track):
The Martial Artist is skilled at fast block and counter attack combinations. He may take a single free Fighting attack against one opponent who failed their own melee attack against him in the round, provided they are within range. This attack must be a normal attack (no attack maneuvers), though it may be used when paired with the Defend maneuver.

Grappler (Martial Artist, Vigor d6):
Grapplers gain a +2 on all Grappling Rolls, including Escapes and attempts to Damage their opponent.

Improved Grappler (Martial Artist, Grappler, Vigor d6, Agility d6; Edge Track):
Grapplers with this Edge reduce any penalties for called shots while Grappling (and only while Grappling) by two.

Dirty Fighter (Martial Artist, Smarts d6):
Dirty Fighters are those rotten, underhanded miscreants who’d punch a baby just to distract their target, and then follow up with a kick to the targets groin or a nasty eye-gouge. Dirty Fighters gain +2 to Trick Maneuvers.

Really Dirty Fighter (Martial Artist, Smarts d6, Seasoned; Edge Track):
Skilled Dirty Fighters may get The Drop on their opponent automatically, provided a Bennie is spent and the nature of the Trick is described adequately (see Solomon Kane).

Internal Stylist (Martial Artist, Spirit d8):
Fighters adept at Internal martial techniques excel at projecting energy and force when striking their opponents. Their strikes gain Armor Piercing equal to half their spirit die.

Internal Master (Martial Artist, Internal Stylist, Spirit d10, Seasoned; Edge Track):
Internal Stylists who achieved true mastery may hurt their opponents with even a single touch. Even if no damage is taken, a character struck (even with a touch attack) in combat must make a successful Spirit roll or be Shaken.

Mobile Fighter (Martial Artist, Fighting d6, Agility d8):
The fighter may disengage from combat freely without provoking an attack.

Improved Mobile Fighter (Martial Artist, Mobile Fighter, Seasoned; Edge Track):
See the Fleche Edge from Solomon Kane.

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