Monday, December 27, 2010

[Future Perfect] Professor Jorge Arroyo

Professor Jorge Arroyo was, until recently, the Chair of the History Department of the Coalition Academy of Arts and Sciences.  Renown as one of the preeminent scholars of military history, tactics, and fleet actions, his sudden departure from academia was a shocking turn to most people who knew him as a careful and methodical individual.  And his more recently discovered association with known criminal syndicates only makes things all the stranger.  However, people closest to Jorge know that once he takes an interest in something, he will doggedly pursue it until he's learned all he can on the matter.  So whatever it is that has snatched his fancy won't let go for a while. 

Jorge grew up and served among the mercenary companies comprised of so many in the Coalition fringes and quickly distinguished himself as a masterful tactician and field officer.  He served with the Storm Legion for 22 years before retiring to pursue his interests in academia.  Enrolling at CAAS, he earned multiple junior and advanced degrees, took a position first as a Lecturer, then as a Professor, which he held for nearly 40 years.

Though his age certainly has been catching up to him (he's over 80!), he has taken a number of youth treatments, exercises regularly, and has been fitted with high-end Biotuning and Organ Enhancement systems which provides him a level of vitality and stamina equivalent to a man in his mid-50s.

NAME:  Jorge Arroyo
Gender:  Male
Gene Template:  Human
Cultural Template:  Military

* Agility d6
* Smarts d10
* Spirit d8
* Strength d4
* Vigor d8 (d6)

Biothreshold:  5 (0)
Charisma: 0
Pace: 6" + 1d6"
Parry: 5
Toughness: 9 (3 Armor)

Scholar (Battle and History)
Connections (Paramilitary Forces)
Connections (Academic Community)
Level Headed

Cautious (m)
Curious (M)
Obsessive (m)

Driving d4, Fighting d6, Gunnery d6, Hacking d6, Investigation d10, Knowledge (Battle) d12, Knowledge (History) d12, Knowledge (Military Protocol) d10, Notice d8, Persuasion d6, Piloting d4, Shooting d6, Stealth d6, Streetwise d8

iPlugs [ AV2 ]
Nano-Purifiers [ AV1 ]
Bio-Tuning and Organ Enhancement [ AV2 ]

Armored Academics Robe (Biopolymer, 3 Armor)
Polycarbon Glass Knife
Securitech "Standard" Sidearm
Hacking Rig w/Datapad, SysNet, and SubNet Feeds (+1 to Hacking Rolls)
Vast Digital Library (+1 to Investigation and Knowledge Rolls)

(5) Cabal (Hacker, Teacher): Availability +1, Capability d8 / +3 (Hacking), Influence +1 (Off-Grid Datafortresses)
(8) Dr Janus Camino (President of the Coalition Academy of Arts and Sciences): Availability +1, Capability d10 / +4 (Academics, Employment), Influence +2 (Academic Community)
(9) Lord Johan Mutt (Regency Fleet Admiral): Availability +1, Capability d10 / +4 (Resources, Information), Influence +3 (Regency Military)
(6) Basil Ellington (Senior Design Engineer, Alliance Shipyards): Availability +1, Capability d10 / +4 (Engineering), Influence +1 (Alliance Military Contractors)

Recognized Excellence: 800cr, Storm Legion (Mercenary Company, +2 Rep), Impossibly Good Performance as a Tactical Officer during several key engagements
Professional Mentor: Hacking, plus Mentor as a Contact
Meeting All Kinds of People:  3pts of Contacts, and +1 Reputation with Academic Community

Interfaction Academic Community ( +2 )
Storm Legion Mercenary Company ( +2 )
Rockfall Militia ( -1 )
Blue Mountain Merchant Clan ( -1 )

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