Saturday, January 08, 2011

[Future Perfect] Tigh Rell, Corporate Agent

Tigh Rell grew up on the "streets" among the various station cities of the Interzone.  He joined Interzone joint security forces at the age of fifteen to escape his situation and took advantage of all the opportunities provided to him.  He received a complete corporate education in addition to military training, with additional schooling as both a field medic and a surgeon.  After mustering out of the Jointsec Forces, he'd hoped to get a position working at a corporate hospital -- unfortunately, competition was fierce and after a three year training and selections process, he lost out to a long time rival.

Soon after, Tigh found himself headhunted by RIFU's Operations/Security (OSEC) forces who felt his security training, corporate education, and extensive medical expertise would make him a valuable asset.  They trained him, put him in the field, and watched him excel. After only a few years of service, his proven reputation for quick thinking and skillful action landed him a promotion to Corporate Agent, an independent field operative with broad discretionary authority to act as a warden for RIFU's interests.

NAME: Tigh Rell
Gender:  Male
Gene Template: Augment
Cultural Template: Urban

Agility d6
Smarts d10
Spirit d8
Strength d8 (d6)
Vigor d10 (d8)

Biothreshold: 11 (12)
Charisma: 0
Pace: 6"+1d6"
Parry: 6
Toughness: 13 (4 Armor)

(Bioattunement), Improved Bioattunement (x2)
Connections (Corporations)
Level Headed

Loyal (m)
Heroic (M)
Vow (m)
Unstable Genetics (m)
Cautious (m)

Climbing d4, Fighting d8, Gunnery d6,  Investigation d8, Knowledge (Finance) d6, Knowledge (Interzone) d6, Languages (Imperial Standard [N], Gujar], Medical d10, Notice d10, Persuasion d8, Pilot d6, Repair d6, Shooting d6, Stealth d6, Streetwise d8, Survival d8, Swimming d4, Zero-G Mauneuvering d4

Augment (Gene Template; Vigor, Bio-Purifiers)
Bio-Purifiers (Augment)
Modular Cyberarm [AV3] - Current: d12+1 STRENGTH, +4 Armor, Implanted Bioscanner
Biopolymer Muscle Enhancement [AV2]
Lowlight Vision Upgrade [AV1]
Subdermal Bodyplating [AV2]
Decreased Trauma Sensitivity [AV2]
Biotuning and Organ Enhancement [AV2]

Armored Longcoat with Polyceramic Inserts (+4 Armor)
Ragnarok Arms PMPR (High Quality, 2H, Con J, Str Min d8):
   [Singleshot] 3d8+3 AP4, +1 to Hit, 30/60/120, RoF 1
   [Scattergun] 2d10 AP4, Cone, RoF 1, -1 to Agility rolls to Avoid
Polyglass Combat Knife (Str+1d4+1 AP2; +1 to Survival Rolls)
MKII Defensive Screen
2 Light Power Cells
Other Gear as Needed

(9) Calvin Drake (Chief, RIFU Operations/Security): Availability + 2, Capability d12/+5 (Investigations), Influence + 2 (Corporate Security)
(3) Fu Jow Quan (ID Forger): Availability + 0, Capability d8/+3 (Forgery), Influence + 0
(6) Larry Castro (Money Launderer): Availability + 1, Capability d8/+3 (Money Laundering, Streetwise), Influence + 1 (Shady Businessmen)

Professional Rival (Medical Field) - Friend of a Friend - Coldly Professional
Find a Teacher (Special Operations; Streetwise) - Contact (d6/+2 Capability)
Recognized Excellence (RIFU Operations/Security) - Quick Thinking Salvaged a Job - (1100 Credit Bonus; Promoted to Corporate Agent)

RIFU [ +3 ]
Interzone [ +1 ]
Coalition Defense Forces [ +1 ]
Securitech [ -1 ]

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