Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Savage Fantasy!

After a long break, I am gaming again!  Twice a month or so, a small group of us have gathered to play a Savage Fantasy game.  I'm excited about rolling some dice!  Ok, more seriously, it means I will have something to post again from time to time and I won't have to pine angrily over the other games I hear about that are being played all the time.  Grrrr.  

Because we aren't certain about adding new players or how frequently the game will end up meeting once we start (the plan is twice a month, but who knows!), the choice was for generic fantasy.  Well, as generic as I can run anyway.  In short, the idea is to keep it simple until we know how things are gonna roll in the long term.  Yeah, I'm cool with that.

We are using the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules as a base, with elements from the Fantasy Companion thrown in.  Other fantasy material may be added eventually, though since not everyone has the game books, once again, simplicity was the guideline.  Players opted to start running with Seasoned characters  (20xp) so they could have a little more freedom to build to a more developed concept.  

The first session involved the heroes escaping from bondage while en route to a prison camp and trekking into the swamps so they could pass south into a neighboring kingdom.  They came upon a cluster of old ruins in which a large group of Orcs were camping.  Instead of sneaking past, the heroes created a bit of chaos to split their focus and attention, and used the opportunity engage several of the Orcs on a far side of the camp.  

After taking the time flee as the Orcs regrouped, they emerged from the swamps into clear pastures and vast expanses of farmland.  A short walk later, they encountered farmers tending the fields, who pointed the way to town.  The town's elder was not too keen on hearing news of Orcs a short distance to the north, but after allowing the heroes a brief respite, asked them to retrace their steps in the company of a local woodsman.  It's there we hope to begin our next session. 

The current breakdown of characters is:
  • A heavily armored warrior, more brawn than brains, with a big maul and a tiny vocabulary
  • A shadowy thief skilled at assassinations and remaining generally unseen
  • A psychic warrior monk seeking to find his place in the world
  • A woodsman, scout, and animist nature priest who venerates both the generosity and callousness of nature
I'll have stats posted sometime soon.

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