Saturday, August 30, 2008

[Sci-Fi] Regency Medium Fighter 003, "Badger" Class

The Badger is a mainstay of the Regency Fleet due to its efficient armament and solid defensive capability. As it may easily illuminate the battlefield in a spray of blaster-fire, many heavy fighters prefer not to engage the Badger head-on in a fair skirmish. However, its extremely high cost makes it a tempting target for fire-teams and gunships. Its cost of replacement is well known to enemies of the Regency Government. Similarly, its cost makes the Badger a rarity among pirates and mercenaries who find it nearly impossible to purchase, and difficult to repair.

"Badger" Class, Medium Fighter (Regency)

Acc/Top Speed: 200/1200
Climb: 50
Handling: +1
Toughness: 16(6)
Crew: 1
Size: Small
Cost: 40,650,000 Credits

Atmospheric, Spacecraft, Deflector Screen I (+1)

  • Quad Lasers (Pulse Energy Cannon, Fixed, Firelinked) [Range 100/200/400; Damage 6d6; RoF 2; AP 6]
  • Chaff/Flare Launcher (Range 100/200/400)
This ship was built using the construction rules in the Sci-Fi Toolkit.

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