Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Science Fiction Setting: Future Perfect

I've been working on the setting for my upcoming Savage Sci-Fi game, outlining factions, major tensions, key players, and significant technologies. From ship designs (I now have about 50 of them), to faction reactions (along the lines of how faction write-ups in White Wolf's World of Darkness games have each faction's reaction to each other summarised in a snappy quote), Life Paths (ala Cyberpunk 2020), and a Character Sheet, I've been plugging away.

The project finally has a name: FUTURE PERFECT

I'm posting a .jpg picture of the working character sheet draft to hint at a few of the setting specific alterations made -- well, some are setting specific, one - IPs or Improvement Points - is included to suit my playgroup, who feels Savage Worlds characters advance in power a little too quickly and inorganically. Tracking IP, borrowed from the Interlock system, allows characters to earn experience in each skill they use. It only adds a little book keeping, but allows characters to improve in those abilities that they actually use. General Experience can be used to improve Attributes and purchase new Edges.

Most notable on the sheet is the inclusion of Faction Reputations. In Future Perfect, reputation is incredibly important, and with so many conflicting and competing factions, a character needs to track his general regard within each of them. Something as simple as Status, from Rippers just is not quite sufficient.

More and more material from Future Perfect is going to be posted on this blog; indeed, I am derailing it to make it more of a design diary for the time being.

Things that are in development include:
  • Faction Based Reputation System
  • Setting Specific Lifepath
  • Universal Vehicle Construction System
  • Alternative Experience System (IP Tracking)
  • Plot Point Adventures
  • New Edges, Hindrances, and Skills
  • Setting Specific Weapons and Gear

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