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[Future Perfect] Gavin Dace, Mercenary Soldier

Gavin Dace was born to a poor family in Coalition space, industrial workers who would be destined to die young due to contamination sickness. The youngest of three brothers, Gavin could see the strain tearing apart his older siblings as they struggled to balance their responsibilities. Although no genius, Gavin is reasonably clever after a fashion, and could see no future for himself in Coalition space. Still in his adolescence, he indentured himself with a small corporate firm moving out of Faction space and joining the Interzone. Showing an aptitude for eye/hand coordination and extreme deftness, he was placed into training for the corporate security forces. Gavin excelled as a sharpshooter and gunner, the latter skill affording him a chance to cross train as a pilot, and later, as an executive driver/bodyguard.

For nearly a decade he was a prized asset among the Corporations of the Interzone. However, when a chance to train with the Imperial Marines in Regency space was presented, Gavin took the opportunity. His already well-honed skills quickly caught the attention of a few well placed individuals, mostly minor nobles and retired military officers who wanted Gavin for an elite mercenary unit known as the Red Star Legion. Gavin agreed to a four year term, and in return the remaining twenty years of his service contract was paid off by his patrons - an act that left more than a few people in the Interzone with some hard feelings toward all the time and expense put forth.

With the Red Star Legion, Gavin Dace proved himself a capable soldier possessed of very high skill and, oddly enough for a mercenary, a strong moral sensibility. However, what Gavin was not was a Commander. Too much the Wild Card, Gavin was better utilized as a lone operative. Though he served occasionally as a field commander, most notably at the Battle of Yusef's Gate, his operations tended to be bloodier and more dangerous than necessary. Indeed, what had been intended as a surgical strike at Yusef's Gate became a wholesale slaughter that nearly destroyed the White Dragon Merchant (Pirate) Clan.

Gavin served the Legion well beyond his agreed upon four-year term, and after a dozen years finally mustered out just before the Regency itself declared the Legion's patrons and any active members to be criminals. It was later revealed that Gavin had discovered several Red Star Legion actions to be illegal, actions that included planned assaults on Kokoran Union outposts and what could have ended up as the assassination of Kokora's delegate to a summit discussing a mutual non-aggression pact within Frontier space. Gavin was himself wounded in the battle that ensued after he turned against his comrades and defended the Kokoran delegate.

Both Kokora and the Regency itself would investigate the occurrance, and both would unearth the same findings. The few remaining founders of the Legion were part of a strange religious cult known as the Church of Bisente, whose apparent goal was to destabilize the Kokoran Union. Gavin was honored by the Kokora for his efforts, and was given a custom Hatamoto-Class Heavy Fighter by the delegate who's life he saved. In the Regency, the Council of Regents themselves admitted that Gavin Dace likely averted a war between Kokoran Union and the Regency Imperium. Indeed, he may very well have helped strengthen their diplomatic ties.

Now, about five years after the end of the Red Star Legion, Gavin Dace is an independent operator usually working within the Regency, Kokora, and the Freespace. He occasionally picks up bounty hunting and bodyguard work, though not enough of either to draw the attentions of any of the trade guilds.

Gavin Dace [WC], Heroic Mercenary Soldier
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Agility d12, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d6 (d8), Vigor d8

Derived Stats:
Charisma: 0
Pace: d6+1d6”
Parry: 7
Toughness: 10/14 (Base 6, +4 Armor/+8 Armor vs Energy Weapons)

Fighting d10, Knowledge (Battle) d8, Notice d8, Persuasion d6, Piloting d8, Shooting d12, Stealth d10, Streetwise d6, Survival d6, Zero-G Maneuver d6

Quick, Marksman, Hard to Kill, Nerves of Steel, Steady Hands, Deadshot

Heroic (M), Vow (Mercenary Ethics; m), Quirk (Chainsaw Snoring; m)

Regency +2
Kokora +1
Alliance +0
Coalition +0
Collective +0
Interzone -1
Church of Bisente -1
White Dragon Pirates -2

  • Ragnarök Arms Striker Pulse Pistol (3d6+1 AP2; RoF3; 24 Shots; 12/24/48; Semi-Auto, 3RB)
  • Ragnarök Arms Stormbringer Assault Carbine (3d6+1 AP4 HW; RoF3; 120 Shots; 30/60/120; 3RB, Auto; Targeting Link System w/Laser Tracker [+2 Shooting])
  • Plasma Grenades (6; 3d8 AP2 HW; 5/10/20; MBT)
  • Mono-molecular Knife (Strength+1d6 AP4)
  • Imperial Marine Body Armor [Regency Issue] (Armor +4/+8 versus Energy Weapons; +1 Strength Die; Helmet includes HUD w/ Target Link and Motion Sensors, Encrypted Communications Suite, IR Vision, Anti-Flash System; Hermetically Sealed; Maglock Boots)
  • Translator Array (Translates on the fly between common human tongues)
  • Extra Light and Heavy Power Cells
  • Custom Hatamoto-Class Heavy Fighter
  • Whatever Gear is Necessary for the Job
-[ SUBNET Engaged... ]-

>>[Lyra Bannon, Doctor – Order of Galen]->> White Dragon Pirate Clan? They are still around? I thought they were pretty much wiped out at the Battle of Yusef's Gate.
>>[Ajax Stone, Sergeant - Greyjackets]->> There are a few, mostly on Colony ships that hide out on the fringes of Kokoran space. Got no clue why they dislike Gavin so much, though.
>>[Dax Hellesponte, Historian, Imperial College, New Terra]->> Thats an easy one. During the attack on Yusef's Gate, Who do you think lead the Regency's 2nd Auxilliary Marine Battalion?
>>[Arashi Sinclair, Mercenary Combat Pilot]->> Hells, it was Gavin that shot old Yusef in the face.

-[ SUBNET Disengaged ]-


Mark A. Siefert said...

I see you also use Hero Machine for your characters as well.

Slaine said...

I pull images from all sorts of locations, often from freely available artwork. But Heromachine is an excellent resource, and i just love playing around in it.