Thursday, January 29, 2009

So Many Notes But So Little Time

I've been plugging away at the core factions for Future Perfect, with a jumble of notes now amassed on folded scrap pages scattered around my house. I'm hoping to get these shaped up into something coherent pretty soon, especially considering that I have the factions' general reactions to each other already written. Much of the problem is one of formatting and organization. I do not want to add any more complexity by having a lot of details to remember, but I would also like to have a blurb that conveys a solid idea of what each faction is all about.

To that end, I am leaning toward a simple format that includes the bare essentials:

Approximate Age
Planets (with rough population and short description)
Other Population Centers (Space Stations, Asteroid Colonies, etc. with rough population and description)
General Attitudes Toward Outsiders
General Attitudes Toward Citizens
Brief History and Description

I'm hoping this is enough. I'm going to post a very brief list of the Factions, but expect to a full write up for each one in the coming weeks.

Right now, there are six major factions (with two additional general regions that are pretty broad in scope - one is a hodgepodge of independent states and communities that uniformly resists control from any of the Factions, while the other is the frontier of known space, where Factions and allegiances mean very little in the face of day to day survival). The Factions of known space are:

  • The Regency Imperium (formerly The New Terran Empire) - Traditionalists facing an uncertain future.
  • The Alliance of Colonial Nations - A rising power struggling to balance growth with resource consumption.
  • The Collective - A society of linked minds where individual thought risks being lost amidst the jumbled masses.
  • The Coalition of Autonomous States - A failed attempt at freedom where government has been sold piecemeal to criminals and corporations.
  • The Kokoran Union (also known as Kokora) - Strange newcomers with a troubled past that hinders their progress.
  • The Corporate Interzone - Powerful megacorporations who have secured their own autonomy from any central government
  • The Freespace - An uncontrolled wild land devoid of any larger, central authority.
  • The Frontier - The fringes of known space where colonists set their eyes on survival and hopes of a better future.
Anyway, here are some of the Faction emblems. Again, I'll try and have full faction writeups quite soon.

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