Saturday, November 19, 2011

[Future Perfect] Swordsman Battleship

The Coalition does not usually build very many larger ships because they consume too many resources that are needed domestically, as opposed to militarily. However, demonstrated need for dedicated ships of the line became evident after a series of pirate incursions (and subsequent terrorist actions) in Coalition space. The CDF worked closely with a number of its factors placed in regional governorships, most notably security and arms maker Securitech, and came up with a series of designs for updating elements of the Coalition fleet. Built around a spinal mounted cannon, matched by a pair of Securitech’s experimental “ROAR” Rapid Mass Accelerators, the Swordsman packs a serious punch. It has enough armor to reasonably shake off a direct hit from most torpedo assaults, and it positively bristles with exterior docking mounts for lighter craft to add their armament to its own. Though the Swordsman sometimes finds itself thrust into the role of Coalition capital ship, it lacks the sheer power of those much more massive vessels so often employed by the other Factions. However, as a ship of the line, it’s a formidable battleship indeed.

Tactically, the Swordsman is intended to work first as a deterrent. If a battle continues, the spinal cannon is fired at larger vessels in the opposing fleet before smaller ships disengage from the docking clamps to engage them. Micromissiles are designed to scatter attacking fighters and the ROAR cannons should make short work of most escort class vessels seeking to close the distance for close assault. Additionally, the Swordsman often is accompanied by several Wayfarer-class interdiction cruisers, which only increases the ships ability to seize and hold a position in space.  

It's critics cite the vessels lack of a true, dedicated H-Space FTL System as it's major shortcoming.  However, compared to many other ships of this class, it also keeps down the cost.  

Swordsman-Class Battleship
Manufacture: Coalition
Size: Huge, Heavy
Power: 90
Acc: 54 Top: 360 Handling: -2
FTL: Gate Key, H-Space Lock
Crew: 38 Hull: 95 (51) (Armor 51)

Ship Systems:
  • Starship
  • Non-Atmospheric
  • Computer with Basic “Lion-Class” AI (d6 Smarts, Power 8, Spaces 8):
  • Piloting d6, Shooting d6, Knowledge (Battle) d6, Repair d6, Notice d6, Stealth d6, Autopilot, Target Acquisition and Control, Fire Control, and Pattern Recognition, SysNet Link
  • Enhanced Crew Facilities
  • H-Space Lock (1 Power)
  • Gate Key (1 Space, 1 Power)
  • Mechanical Shop (Repair Facility; 2 Spaces, 2 Power)
  • (12) Exterior Docking Clamps (6 Spaces; 3 Power))
  • (12) Bed Sickbay (4 Spaces, 4 Power)
  • (30) Marines (3 Spaces, 3 Power)
  • (4) Cargo Holds (4 Spaces)

  • (1) Huge Spinal Mounted Cannon [20 Spaces, Power *]; 8d10 AP45
  • (2) Securitech “ROAR” Mass Accelerator Cannons [6 Spaces, 4 Power Each]: 6d12 AP8; 100/200/400; RoF3
  • (4) Micromissile Packs [1 Space, 1 Power, 4 Shots per Pack]: 200/400/600; 4d6 AP6; Small Burst Template
  • (2) AMCM Systems

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