Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Edges (Fantasy)

I came up with a handful of new edges the other day, and these are the ones that best fit into a Fantasy style game.

Master Bowman
Requirements: Veteran, Smarts d6+, Shooting d10+, Notice d6+
By paying attention to prevailing winds, relative positioning between himself and his targets, and having a solid understanding of his weapon itself, a Master Bowman may increase the base range of his bow by +1/3rd when using it.

Warrior Monk
Requirements: Seasoned, Martial Artist, Spirit d8+, Fighting d8+
A warrior monk's extensive training has lead to his ability to land more focused attacks, resist minor aches and pains, and to natually roll with incoming attacks.  The Warrior Monk gains AP1 on all of his Hand to Hand and Melee Attacks.  Additionally, the character has +1 Armor versus Melee, Hand to Hand, and Thrown attacks, but not attacks from other Ranged sources.

Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8+, Notice d6+, Fighting d8+
If a hero is aware of the incoming attack, then his opponent must use the hero's Parry value (modified by Range) instead of a flat target number to hit him with missile weapon attacks.  In campaigns with firearms, this edge may apply against them as well (with the GM's permission, of course), but only if the character spends a benny to use this Edge for the duration of the encounter.

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