Saturday, December 03, 2011

10,000 Page Views and a One-Sheet Adventure

Well, Abunchofsavages has passed ten thousand page views!  Who would have thought THAT would happen?

To celebrate, I decided to post a Fantasy One-Sheet Adventure for roughly Seasoned Rank characters.  It's a short tale set in a normally peaceful region who's townfolk have become worried about Ratlings (aka Rat Men) recently spotted in some old ruins. You see, the ruins are set in the hills overlooking a path commonly taken by locals as a shortcut between the region's biggest town and several riverside farming communities.  The characters are tasked with making certain the Ratlings leave...

Download:  Hunters of Heron's Vale Pass

[Spolier Alert]
The Ratlings have set into the ruins because they open up into a series of tunnels in which Rockgrubs may be found.  To the Ratlings, the Rockgrubs are delicious and mildly intoxicating, and this is just one large hunting party sent forth to collect as many grubs as possible.
Unfortunately, even if the Ratlings are driven off or convinced to leave, they will probably come back next year.  It seems that Rockgrubs are just too damned good!  This means that it may fall to the PCs to make a choice about how far they are willing to go to help out the townsfolk, because it is within their power to destroy the source of the Rockgrubs entirely.  And having no grubs means having no more Ratlings.
[End Spoiler Alert]

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