Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Firenzo the Fat

[This is a character built for possible inclusion in someone's Maptool based Fantasy game.  Still not knowing what the guidelines are, I went for a novice Wizard  that I thought could be fun to play.  He's more of a summoner type, I'm thinking, with trappings for his spells being summoned beings and forces and energies.  I also wanted a character that, if needed, could throw down in a fight.  Sure, he'd get trounced by a dedicated warrior, but at least Firenzo won't need to cower behind the rest of the party for fear that a stiff breeze might beat the snot out of him.]


In his youth, Firenzo was a canny but otherwise unremarkable child who lived with his father, a poor bookseller, who managed another man's shoppe. His days were spent reading old books of lore, especially of a magical sort, which piqued his curiousity and engaged his mind's eye with a constant sense of wonder.  When a young man of barely fifteen, his father died, and without any other options, Firenzo became a Belish soldier assigned to work as a city guard in Wroat.  For years he worked diligently keeping the peace and investigating petty crimes.  He enjoyed the routine, the constant training, and the knowledge that he was a representative of his community and sworn to protect its people.  Firenzo found comfort in a belief that despite all the problems in the world, if you acquit yourself well to others, then generally, they do the same to you.  Unfortunately, Firenzo was also quite naive.  

In the course of doing his job, he learned the hard way that the world is often a very harsh and unforgiving place.  Being an honest guard lead him to be given less and less desirable posts that were more demanding on his time.  Though in his heart, Firenzo still believed that honorable accord was of highest virtue, he grew ever more aware that his beliefs were hindering him socially and professionally.  When off duty, he turned to food and drink instead of training, enjoying his meals to such excess that his once fit and muscular form became softer, flabby, and weak from inactivity.  Firenzo grew more and more disconnected from his own life as he realized he needed to make a change.  

Suprising everyone who thought he would be just another dull, go-nowhere city guard, he resigned from his post and hired himself out as a bodyguard for a small group of travelers en route from Wroat to Sharn.  The tragedy that followed also marked perhaps the greatest turning point of his life.  Just three days into the journey, the travelers were ambushed.  Raiders descended upon the group, even as two among them turned against their fellows.  The battle was furious, and when all was done, nearly twenty men and elves lay dead.  The two betrayers themselves had fallen, leaving only a shaken Firenzo and an injured old mage to be taken captive by a handful of remaining attackers and held for ransom for nearly a year. 

The Mage was bound tightly to keep him from working his magics and escaping, and Firenzo, while chained, had his hands free in order to help tend to the Mage.  The old Wizard, Arqueviss Quibb by name, was a long time teacher of young spellcasters, and he saw, albeit faintly, that same spark of the gift within Firenzo as among his former students.  Though Firenzo himself was in his early 30s and far from being a young man himself, he was clever enough, disciplined, and willing to work hard.  That spark grew to a flame, and after many long months of secret training when their captors were sleeping or occupied, they seized their moment.  As Firenzo made ready the way for their escape, he did not realize that Arqueviss never intended for the both of them to leave.  The old Mage was dying and wanted one last taste of revenge before his own spark flickered and faded.

Once Firenzo neutralized the first of the guards and started heading from the camp, the old Mage ensorcelled him and compelled him to flee, to run as far as he could until he collapsed.  It was then that Arqueviss Quibb rained hell upon his captors, unleashing a torrent of raw eldritch force that consumed himself and nearly the whole of the raiders camp.  Firenzo was free, and the old man had sacrificed himself to make certain of that fact. It was then that he vowed that never again would he live in bondage nor would he allow others to be forced to do the same.  

In time he made his way to Sharn, alone.  He practices the lessons taught him by Arqueviss every day and takes odd jobs to best continue his studies.  Though he is not a formally trained wizard, he has more than once proved that learning gained from practice and practical demands can be just as effective.  With no family and few friends, Firenzo the Fat spends his free time writing in his journals (e.g. Spellbooks) and finding cheap venues serving plentiful food and drink.  

Firenzo the Fat
Novice Human Male

AG d6, SM d8, SP d6, ST d6, VI d6

Charisma +0
Pace 5"+1d4"
Parry 6
Toughness 6

Obese (m), Vow (m; to never again be held in bondage to anyone), Code of Honor (M)

Arcane Background: Magic (Bolt, Entangle, Summon Ally), Power Points

Fighting d6, Investigation d4, KS: Arcana d8, Notice d8, Spellcasting d10, Stealth d4

Heavy Robes/Hides (Armor +1)
Spear (ST+d6; +1 Parry; +1 Reach)
Spell Notes and Journal

15 Power Points
Spellcasting d10
Bolt, Entangle, Summon Ally

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