Tuesday, December 20, 2011

[Future Perfect] Updating?

Just a short entry this time, I promise.

I've been thinking about updating the Starship designs from Future Perfect to reflect the system changes in the new Savage Worlds: Deluxe edition rulebook.  The new chase rules especially could make for some interesting alterations, and may even allow me to tweak some faction ships in ways that better suit how I'd envisioned them.

Also, I've been thinking about just going ahead and posting some of the "unfinished" material I used during the Future Perfect: Identity Function campaign.  Lists of weapons, armor, body armor, and a variety of different drugs and gear could make their way to these pages -- the only issue is that not everything has "flavor text", so much of it may be presented in the form of raw stats.

People following Future Perfect should keep watch for some updates, and possibly even a sci-fi one-sheet (originally designed for the setting, but made more generic).

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