Saturday, December 15, 2007

And So It Begins...

Although I took my time in doing so, I have acquired the Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition from an online vendor. I had hoped to start this blog over a year ago, but between my own procrastination and learning that a new edition of the Savage Worlds rules was being published, waiting seemed the best option. But now the wait is over, and I introduce to you:
A Bunch of Savages.

What is This?

A Bunch of Savages is a blog as well as a resource, focusing on material for the current rules edition of the Savage Worlds RPG. While the bulk of the material for this site will be in the form of Characters, new game material may appear intermittently. Additional game material is likely to be in the form of Edges and Hindrances, however this site may also include new rules, house rules, magic rules, adventures, one-sheets, and even the odd, rambling musing on the part of this blog's author.

Who am I?

I have been Game Mastering Savage Worlds off and on for a couple years now, though I've been around the RPG world for a quarter century. In truth, I enjoy Savage Worlds as a rules light option for those games in which my favored system (The Hero System) can be too cumbersome. In no way does this mean I feel Savage Worlds takes a back seat, just that I am very much of the opinion that no single system is the perfect fit for all games. Savage Worlds, in my estimation, works incredibly well for games of high-adventure and over the top action -- indeed, one of my players likens it to a near flawless representation of 1980s action films.

Where is the Stuff?

Material will be appearing on this site as time permits. There is no way I am going to delude myself into thinking I can keep a regular schedule of input to the blog. However, I'm hoping to have something to post at least once per week...


Cutter XXIII said...

Hey, awesome blog so far! Love the title.

Slaine said...

Thanks Cutter.