Friday, December 28, 2007

An Aside...

Hey folks,

I just wanted to make a few comments here before posting some new characters. I've been enjoying mucking about with some character builds and back-story, and I am certainly feeling the itch to play a game. Even if it is just a big miniatures battle, I'd be a happy guy.


Now that a quintet of novice fantasy characters has been posted, I've decided to modernize a bit and post a couple of characters suitable for dropping into Western or Pulp games as NPCs. These characters will all be built normally (with appropriate XP listed), but will vary in rank. I am keeping them all to vanilla Savage Worlds, instead of using any setting material. In part, this is so I can keep the character generic enough it can be dropped into any appropriate campaign. The other reason is because the only setting book I have access to is Deadlands Reloaded, and I would eventually like to post a handful of characters specific to that setting -- characters that could exist only in the Wierd West.

I am planning, ultimately, to group characters by genre and setting type. Right now there are just the five fantasy characters posted:

So where am I going from here? After posting a few characters designed for Pulp, Western, or even Victorian settings, I am hoping to move forward into Modern Action, and then Science Fiction. After that? Perhaps some new monsters or character races. Maybe even a one-sheet to use some of the material in the blog. We'll see.


Michael Young said...

Great Blog!!! I really enjoy checking out pre-rolled characters. I'm continually amazed at the creativity that people have in creating unique characters. And your's are excellent. Keep up the good work. By the way, who does the artwork?

Slaine said...

Most of the art is by Storn Cook. He's been nice enough to post dozens of pictures from sketches to complete character portraits which are usable under a Creative Commons license. I've also used a picture from another artists (Jason Engle), but have done so without permission. I will always have the artist name on the picture, listen in a strip near the bottom.

Anyway, glad you like the blog.