Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Authority (New Edge)

New Edge

Authority – Grants a +2 bonus to Charisma in those situations where persons favorable to authority would react positively. Furthermore this edge allows a measure of authority over persons within a defined jurisdiction, allowing – within the bounds of the law – an authority figure the right to search, detain, or arrest private individuals and to use appropriate force toward those ends.

However, authority is accompanied by responsibility. A character with this edge is often subject to orders and accountable to a specified code of conduct. His behavior may be held to some measure of scrutiny, and failure to live up to such responsibilities may be met by temporary, or even permanent, revocation of the privileges of his authority.

Most characters with the Authority Edge are provided assistance from within the power structure granting said authority. Generally, this comes in the form of standard gear. The character is accountable for any use of such gear, and irresponsible use of such equipment may land the character in trouble.

For Example:
Jack O'Brian, a Chicago Police Officer, is assigned a Police Cruiser (a Large Sedan), a side arm (9mm Pistol), a baton, a shotgun (12 gauge; kept in the car), pepper spray, a Kevlar vest, handcuffs, a police radio, and a uniform. If Officer O'Brian uses the gun assigned to him, he may be called upon to account for every bullet fired.

Persons with the Authority Edge may also attempt to requisition additional equipment or obtain the help of others with jurisdictional authority similar to their own. The difficulty varies depending on the nature of the request as well as the type of campaign being played. Requisitioning gear generally requires a successful Persuasion roll for routine requests (in Jack O'Brian's case, extra ammo or calling in an additional unit for backup), or a raise for more serious requests (drugs for an undercover operation; calling a SWAT team).

Authority can be a very potent edge; it should not be treated lightly. Characters are subject to increased demands on their time and high levels of accountability for their actions. A character with a lackadaisical attitude or general negligence runs the risk of losing their privilege or even having the jurisdiction turn against them (e.g. a dirty cop investigated by Internal Affairs).

This edge may be selected one additional time within a particular jurisdiction, representing an increased level of Authority. This allows a character some measure of superiority over others with jurisdictional authority at a lower rank, and grants a +2 bonus to rolls requesting additional equipment or support. Alternatively, this edge may be selected for a different jurisdiction, so that a character is empowered by the law in more than one range of jurisdictions.

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