Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men..."

Well, so much for posting a new cluster of characters for a generally 19th century setting. Much of my play group has agreed it would be cool to have a one-shot session of Savage Worlds so some of them who have not yet played the game might see what it is like. Since they are easy to run and generally fun for different types of roleplayers, I am going to put my players through a zombie scenario. I have to keep it simple, and I think a definite goal is in order just to keep them on a forward-thinking path. There needs to be something for the combat junkies, something for the problem solvers, something for the social players, and some kind of back story leading up to the beginning of the game. Perhaps I'll post an outline of the scenario after it is run. Perhaps not.

Anyway, I am going to switch things around a little in light of the short game. Since there will be some pre-built characters available to the players (if they don't feel like making their own), I figure I'll post them here over the next few days. I want to keep the characters almost archetypal, with a short logline sufficient for describing their basic nature. Right now, I am leaning toward:
  • A young, rookie cop
  • A street thug
  • A petty thief
  • A grizzled old mechanic
  • A kid
  • A college student
Unfortunately, I'll probably have to post them without pictures at first.

Some of my players rather enjoy "Boss Fights", so I may toss in one Superior Zombie who is also a Wild Card for the climactic scene of the session. If I do, I'll post that too.

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