Saturday, October 09, 2010

[Future Perfect] Harpy Heavy Fighter

One of the heavy hitters among the Collective's fighter craft, the Harpy is one of the few designs not intended for Drone flight or remote operation. A heavy, two man starfighter, with a pilot and a dedicated gunner to manage the full turret mounted Heavy Pulse Cannon on the ship's underside. Often used to fly escort during fast actions involving one or more quick H-Space jumps, the Harpy has a Lock System for riding a larger vessel's H-Space wake. Thus, the Harpy can strike immediately, without pause... and without mercy.

Harpy, Collective Heavy Fighter

Manufacture: Collective
Size: Small, Heavy
Power: 15
Acc: 180 Top: 1080 Handling: +1
FTL: H-Space Lock
Crew: 2 Hull: 20 (6) [Armor 6]

Ship Systems:
  • Starship
  • Atmospheric
  • Basic Computer with Autopilot, Target Acquisition/Control, Fire Control
  • H-Space Lock (1 Power)
  • (1) Medium Double Beam Cannon Array [2 Spaces, 3 Power, Fixed Mount]: 4d10 AP8, 100/200/400, RoF1
  • (1) Turret Mounted Heavy Pulse Cannon [3 Spaces, 3 Power, Turret Mount]: 4d8 AP10, 100/200/400, RoF2

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