Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[Future Perfect] Hyperion Command Carrier

The newest capital ship in the Alliance armada, the Hyperion Command Carrier is considered by many experts to be the most advanced starship serving in any Fleet in Faction Space. Though it has relatively light armament compared to other ships of its class (especially it’s “predecessor”, the Star Crab), the Hyperion is an extremely durable starship defensively and is by no means weak in its offense. The Alliance has spared neither effort nor expense on these ships, incorporating Defensive Screen Technology intended for use on Orbital Stations as well as the bleeding-edge Sentinel AI system. The integrated Sentinel class intelligence makes the Hyperion Carrier a superior tactical ship, with the AI managing and/or assisting its crew in everything from piloting and astrogation to gunnery and battle-strategy. Its tractor beam cannon makes this ship an excellent interdictor as well, and paired with its large compliment of Predator Torpedoes, a superior player at the game of Grab and Smash.

Hyperion Command Carrier

Manufacture: Alliance
Size: Colossal
Power: 350
Acc: 50 Top: 265 Handling: -4
FTL: Gate Key, Alliance H-Space Drive
Crew: 130 Hull: 165 (75) (Armor 75)

Ship Systems:
  • Starship
  • Non-Atmospheric
  • Computer with Experimental AI [Sentinel-Class] (d12 Smarts, Power 18, Spaces 12): Piloting d12, Shooting d12, Hacking d12, Investigation d12, Knowledge (Astrogation) d12, Knowledge (Battle) d12, Repair d12, Medical d12, Notice d12, Stealth d12, Security d12, Autopilot, Target Acquisition and Control, Fire Control, and Pattern Recognition, SysNet Link, SysNet Core
  • Enhanced Crew Facilities
  • Alliance H-Space Drive (5 Spaces, 36 Power)
  • Gate Key (1 Space, 1 Power)
  • Alliance Sensors (+2 Notice)
  • Large Mechanical Shop (Repair Facility; 4 Spaces, 4 Power)
  • Ship Launch Bay (12 Small/Medium) (24 Spaces)
  • (12) Exterior Docking Clamps (6 Space; 3 Power))
  • (15) Bed Sickbay (5 Spaces, 5 Power)
  • (60) Marines (6 Spaces, 6 Power)
  • (12) Cargo Holds (12 Spaces)
  • (24) Cell Security Brig (8 Spaces, 8 Power)
  • (2) Science Stations (Biosciences, Physical Sciences)
  • AGS (Advanced Guidance System)
  • MKV Deflector Screen (30 Spaces, 30 Power)
  • (4) Twilight Gunworks Quad Heavy Beam Cannon [6 Spaces, 9 Power each]: 125/250/500, 4d12+8 AP10
  • (2) Twilight Gunworks Ultraheavy Pulse Cannons (6 Spaces, 6 Power): 125/250/500, 8d8 AP15, RoF2
  • (4) Predator Medium Torpedo Launchers [1 Space; 1 Power to Fire any number of torpedoes]: 300/600/1200; Tracking (Range 4800); Speed 1200; 5d10 AP50; Medium Burst
  • (30) Additional Predator Torpedoes (5 Spaces)
  • (1) Colossal Tractor Beam (12 Spaces, 14 Power)
  • (2) AMCM

-[ SUBNET Engaged... ]-

>>[Ajax Stone, Sergeant - Greyjackets]->> Watch out for these ships, they may not pack the fire power of a Star Crab, but they don’t need it! They have a seriously nasty bite, and that Sentinel system is downright scary. We lost a light battlecruiser because we got too close; the Hyperion’s Sentinel used its SysNet links to hack into our ship’s AI and turn it against us. Nearly two dozen men were lost in that engagement, including a couple of our best pilots.
>>[Gavin Dace, Meat Popsicle]->> Your pilots couldn’t have been that smart in the first place, Ajax, to get so close to a ship with such nasty interdiction capabilities. A Class-VI tractor beam should never be disregarded so flagrantly.
>>[61TO, Romanov-Ikura Financial Union]->> Burn!

-[ SUBNET Disengaged ]-

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