Sunday, November 22, 2015

[Hellhole Number 3] Barterville Follies

After handling themselves with the Ravagers and coming out with acquired bikes and assault buggies, the Player Characters make their way to the waystation town of Barterville.  A mostly lawless dive of affiliated traders, scavs, and criminals, Barterville is a known as the only place in the wastes that you can find nearly anything you want.

Meeting up with contacts is a lengthy affair, but also allows them to make some much needed repairs, trade off some items of interest, and ask around for a seller of ammunition.

They learn that the next trek is to the outskirts of Basin City, but getting there quickly involves crossing Ravager controlled territories.  They pick up a traveler, Esmerelda, who is rightly terrified of making that journey alone.

Unfortunately, they fall into an ambush set along a more passable route, leading one of their bikes to suffer serious damage and throw its driver.  Their larger truck was forced to skid, with the driver barely maintaining control. The driver of the assault buggy swerved at the last moment, and got out of the way.

Ravagers popped up and are attempting to capture the party, though they do not seem to be above killing them if pressed -- which means that the party are themselves the target, and not so likely their cargo.

Barterville's West Gate

Barterville's West Gate

Barterville's West Gate

Human Female - Extra

Green eyed and dark haired, Esmerelda was a sought after desert flower in Barterville who took whatever work she could get, both savory and unsavory. Unfortunately, after a romantic entanglement involving her adopted brother Ceasar seriously damaged her local credibility, she felt a change of location was in order. Now, she has hired the Highwaymen to drive her trough Ravager territory and get her safely to Basin City. 

Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Pace: 8+d10, Parry: 5, Charisma: 2, Toughness: 6 (1)

Fighting d6, Knowledge (Local Area) d6, Notice d6, Persuasion d6, Shooting d4, Stealth d6, Streetwise d6, Taunt d6

Edges: Attractive, Fleet-Footed

Hindrances: Cautious (Minor), Phobia (Minor): Ravagers

Gear: Leather (Armor 1), Machete (Str+d6), Goggles, Traveling Gear, 450 Credits

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