Thursday, November 19, 2015

[Hellhole Number 3] Firearms, Part 1 - Pistols and Machine Pistols

Several new weapons have been introduced to Hellhole Number 3, mostly to provide a sense of flavor and to differentiate things ever so slightly from the the stock, modern weapons in the SWD.  Listed below are all slugthrowers, similar enough to common firearms we know today. However, many higher technology weapons will be found, though they are much more expensive, and much less common, due to their comparative complexity and difficulty to maintain over the years.

Aside from the large number of makers for generic items, there are a few notable manufacturers making higher quality weapons:

  • Stone Garuda (SG): Known for high damage and stopping power
  • Basin Special Arms (BSA): Known for a stabilization system that helps the user keep the gun steady in an unsteady environment
  • Felton-Smythe (FS): High capacity weapons with comparatively large ammo storage
  • Wellington Arms (WA): Highly accurate, increasing the weapon's effective range
  • Hellfire Industries (HA): Precision autofire weapons with improved rates of fire
And of course, there is one company renown for providing cheap, low quality products for the masses:
  • Dragon Arms (DA): Prone to jamming (Jams on a roll of "1" on the Shooting die; Repair roll to fix takes two actions, one with a raise)
[Pistol Chart]:

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