Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pinnacle Sale!

Apparently, I'm a sucker for a good sale since I just dropped some cash for 14 Savage Worlds books over at Pinnacle's Holiday sale in the Pinnacle Store.  So much Deadlands goodness! First on my list was getting the Savaged version of Hell on Earth (and the Companion, too).  I'm not sure why I opted to run a Post-Apocalyptic game without it -- so much stuff I can incorporate into Hellhole Number 3.  Also snagged the core book for Deadlands Noir and a bunch of Deadlands Weird West books, including the big boys like Last Sons and The Flood.  Sort of rounding it all out was a copy of 50 Fathoms Deep, since I didn't have it in print.  Still one of the best published plot point campaigns, and a damn fun read.  Also went for print versions of the Fantasy and Horror companions, since I only had those in PDF as well.

Not like you care what I grabbed, but this was 14 books -- some of them very pricey ones -- for 185ish dollars including shipping and a free gift.  Older stuff was as low as 50% off, and I could easily have found another dozen books I'd love to get.  But I also need to pay the mortgage this month, so I'd wanted to keep it to around $175.

These are all PRINT books (with PDF included), but if you prefer only PDF there are so many more options for an even lower price!

Seriously folks, check it out.

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