Sunday, November 08, 2015

[Hellhole Number 3] Post One - A New Beginning of Sorts

Been running a post apocalyptic sci-fi game for the past few weeks which includes some players new to the Savage Worlds system.  So far it has been a blast, and a very welcome change from the Pathfinder game we tried playing.  I hope to post some campaign materials in the near future, including characters, npcs, new gear, vehicles, world information, and house rules.  We've kept it MUCH simpler than I did when I ran my Future Perfect game, using the SWD book along with a few things from the Science Fiction Companion, Interface Zero, and oddly enough, Lankhmar (which, by the way, is excellent).

Currently, we are calling the campaign Hellhole Number 3. It takes place  on a planet far from Earth, 58 years after a massive war between Humans and an alien race left both sides weary and haggard.  When the war ended, only key personnel were removed from the planet and the remainder were left behind.  Starships crash-landed on the world in the wake of the cease fire, abandoning people from both races. What remains is a war ravaged hellhole on which the generation that followed after the war's end have struggled to survive.  Envisioned as an odd mix of video games like Fallout and Borderlands and movies such as Hardware and the Mad Max series coupled with an ever-present theme of diminishing resources, its proven to offer something fun for all of us.

Currently, the party mix consists of:

  • "Fidgit" - Human Scavenger (High technical skills, Weird Science)
  • "Blaze" - Human Driver (Great driving skills, Ace, good with ranged weapons)
  • "Niko" - Human "Meat Popsicle" (Soldier, thawed from Interstellar Cryofreeze 40 years after the war ended)
  • "M.A.D. 2" - Android (Medical droid from the war, gone a little off kilter from neglect and disrepair)
  • "Drunk Troy" - Human Brawler (NPC)
Photo's shown below are from the first few sessions:

Giant rats have gotten into the sub-basement of a flooded wasteland waystation!

They track the source of the infestation to a network of access corridors that once connected several military outposts.

A salvage and recovery job takes them deep into the wastelands, but some other folks have eyes for the same prize.

Down a steep crater, a dangerous beast has made its lair in the bowels of an old military base.  But the structure is far more intact than anticipated, with a computer console they manage to get working -- only to learn some things that maybe they were better off not knowing.


Über said...

Sounds like a classic Sci-Fi action game! The sort you play til 5am, groggy but excited to continue...

Slaine Fullerton said...

I wish we could play until 5AM! Too bad we all have time commitments, and have to end the game by 6PM. Alas.