Monday, September 13, 2010

[Future Perfect] Alliance "Hook" Shuttle

So named because of it's hook like shape, the Alliance's Hook Shuttle is an advanced combat shuttle designed to ferry command personnel back and forth short distances between command vessels or Gate-stations. The Hook has had some success outside of the military as well, with several Alliance, and even a few Interzone, corporations making use of it as a light shuttle or even in lieu of standard escape pods.

The Hook shuttle generally is found in conjunction with larger vessels when not active, it's “hook” port able to lock into any standard exterior docking mount with high efficiency. Indeed, two “Hooks” may mount on a single small exterior port of Alliance (or derived) design.

Alliance “Hook” Shuttle

Manufacture: Alliance
Size: Very Small (Personal)
Power: 10
Acc: 250 Top: 1600 Handling: +1
FTL: Gate Beacon
Crew: 1 Hull: 12 (2) [Armor 2]

Ship Systems:
  • Basic Computer with Target Acquisition, Recognition, and Autopilot
  • Starship
  • Atmospheric
  • Alliance Sensors (+2 Notice)
  • Gate Beacon (1 Power)
  • Passengers (3 Passengers; 1 Space, 1 Power)
  • (1) Twilight Gunwork’s Light Beam Cannon [1 Space, 1 Power]: 100/200/400; 4d6 AP6; RoF1

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