Thursday, September 16, 2010

[Future Perfect] Rakshasa Stealth Gunship

The Collective’s so-called “Stealth” Gunship, the Rakshasa is like many other Collective vessels, excelling in hit and run tactics. What makes the Rakshasa unique is its dual role as a field relay or field controller for DMC Drone vessels such as the Specter Assault Dart or the much larger Asura Gunboat. Using Dynamic Meta-Coordination, a pilot, or small group of pilots, can remain hidden on board a Rakshasa while controlling one or more Drones in an assault. The Rakshasa itself is intended to carry four light drones such as Specters into the field and deploy them accordingly, though more than just those vessels may be controlled via DMC relays. More often than not, the standard tactics for a Rakshasa include deploying a wing of Specters, then hiding out in order to find the right moment to seize the opportunity to launch one or more volleys of its potent Predator Torpedoes at an unwitting target. Its usefulness as a stealth ship has lead to its acquisition by more than a few mercenaries, pirates, and other unsavory folks.

Rakshasa, Collective Light Gunship

Manufacture: Collective
Size: Medium
Power: 25
Acc: 150 Top: 900 Handling: +0
FTL: Gate Beacon, Collective Hyperdrive System
Crew: 5 Hull: 27 (10) (Armor 10)

Ship Systems:
  • Starship
  • Atmospheric
  • Basic Computer System (Auto Pilot, Target Acquisition/Control, Fire Control, Information Library: Knowledge [Pirate Vessels] and Knowledge [Common Starships])
  • Gate Beacon (1 Power)
  • Collective Hyperdrive System (1 Space, 4 Power)
  • AGS (Advanced Guidance System)
  • DMC (Dynamic Meta-Coordination) Drone Relay
  • (4) External Docking Clamps (2 Spaces; Small Ships Only [Generally 4 Spectres])
  • Stealth “Paint” System (+2 Stealth)
  • (1) Rapid Mass Accelerator, Mass Driver [2 Spaces, 2 Power]: 50/100/200; 4d8 AP8; RoF2
  • (2) Predator Medium Torpedo Bays [1 Space; 1 Power to Fire any number of torpedoes]: 300/600/1200; Tracking (Range 4800); Speed 1200; 5d10 AP50; Medium Burst
  • (6) Additional Torpedoes (1 Space)
  • (1) AMCM System (1 Space)

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