Friday, September 10, 2010

[Future Perfect] Goshawk Assault Fighter

Designed as an affordable alternative to the Badger-class Starfighter, the Goshawk is smaller and even more specialized as a fast attack dogfighter. Critics cite the lack of armor as a serious detriment to the vehicle as a combat craft, while others note the Goshawk’s exceptional speed (and deflector screen) serves as its primary means of defense, with the pair of Scatter Cannons offering not only offense but the ships secondary defense when employed properly by a smart pilot.

Goshawk Rapid Assault Fighter

Manufacture: Regency
Size: Very Small (Personal)
Power: 10
Acc: 275 Top: 1600 Handling: +1
FTL: None
Crew: 1 Hull: 10 (2) [Armor 2]

Ship Systems:
  • Basic Computer with Target Acquisition, Recognition, and Autopilot
  • Starship
  • Atmospheric
  • Deflector Screen [MKI; 1 Space, 1 Power]

  • (2) Scatter Cannons [1 Space, 2 Power each]: 80/160/320; 4d6 AP4; Small Burst Template; RoF1

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