Saturday, September 11, 2010

[Future Perfect] YR-01 Starfighter

Yellow Rock Astronautics is a newcomer in the field of military craft, and consists of a former Zero-G executive and a handful of young engineers fresh out of the Coalition's University of Arts and Sciences. Headquartered on Harlinn's World (Zone 1, District Yellow Rock... Hence the Name), these folks have made quite a reputation for themselves both by bucking the general trends in Coalition ship designs, and for their quality product at an affordable price. The YR-01 Starfighter is a simple and effective single-pilot light assault fighter – fast, very maneuverable, and slightly better armored than similar, tiny fighters. Simple pulse blasters comprise the Ought-One's weaponry, kept independent so they may be linked or fired at distinct targets at the pilot's discretion.

YR-01 Star Fighter

Manufacture: Yellow Rock Astronautics
Size: Very Small (Personal)
Power: 10
Acc: 250 Top: 1600 Handling: +2
FTL: None
Crew: 1 Hull: 12 (4) [Armor 4]

Ship Systems:
  • Basic Computer System (Target Acquisition/Recognition, Autopilot)
  • Starship
  • Atmospheric
  • (2) Light Pulse Cannons [Fire linkable; 1 Space, 1 Power each]: 100/200/400; 3d6 AP 6; RoF2

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