Saturday, September 25, 2010

[Future Perfect] Ram's Head Coalition Dropship

The Coalition's version of the Billygoat Dropship, the Ram's Head follows the format for most Coalition vessels - it tacks on more armor and bigger gun. Of course, the trade off comes at the expense of acceleration and some available space. The full compliment of 40 marines capable of rapid deployment remain untouched, however, the marines are now assumed to manage their own gear and support equipment instead of relying upon a mobile supply depot. However, that is just a part of how the Coalition approaches combat, having never had to weather a sustained engagement on land without access to resource lanes. The trade, of course, is that the Ram's Head can double as an assault craft, with Micromissiles for long range attacks, and a devastating Rapid Mass Accelerator Array when things get up close and personal.

Ram's Head Class Light Dropship

Manufacture: Coalition
Size: Medium, Light
Power: 20
Acc: 145 Top: 960 Handling: +0
FTL: Gate Beacon, H-Space Lock
Crew: 3 Hull: 24 (10) (Armor 10)

Ship Systems:
Basic Computer System (Auto Pilot, Target Acquisition/Control, Fire Control, Information Library: Knowledge [Pirate Vessels] & Knowledge [Common Starships])
Gate Beacon (1 Power)
H-Space Lock (1 Power)
40 Marines (4 Spaces, 4 Power)

Rapid Mass Accelerator Twin Cannon Array (Mass Driver) [2 Spaces, 3 Power]: 50/100/200; 4d10 AP8; RoF2
Micromissile Pack [1 Space, 1 Power, 4 Shots per Pack]: 200/400/600; 4d6 AP6; Small Burst Template
AMCM System

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